Monday, September 22, 2008


Education is the key to prosperity. People with college degrees earn more annually than people without a degree. The higher the educational level will reflect on the standard of living a person can expect. Young men and young ladies please stay in school an get your education it is so important. Having an education can mean the difference between being a homeowner and being homeless.
We've all heard about people that never finished high school that became millionaires. These cases are so very, very few and far between that it is almost like a fluke of nature because as we all know the very vast majority of million and billionaires are educated people. Minimum wage is horrible to live on. It takes three minimum wage jobs for one person to be able to afford an apartment, food and transportation. Any luxuries are charged to a credit card that's if you can get a credit card that charges awful interest rates.
Having and education gives you that edge in getting ahead in being able to afford decent and often times luxurious housing, travel (at home and to foreign lands), good and dependable and luxurious transportation, nice designer label clothing, nutritious and healthy foods, a savings account and independence; real honest to God Independence.
Young men and young women please stay in school as you are America's future. We need smart people running our country and please when you are taking those finals -please study. Don't cheat. We have enough cheating in our society as it is. You are not in it for the grade. You are in it for the Education. So young men and young women please stay in school and get a good education. You'll be glad you did. Until next time. God Bless!

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