Sunday, September 7, 2008

Carpet Baggers and Skaliwags

A lot of homeowners unfortunately got caught up in the refinance Option A.R.M. cunundrum. The mortgage payment became more than the homeowner could afford to pay and their home went into foreclosure and the home was lost. A lot of people across America have lost their property due to this. The government is now trying to work with the banks and mortgage holders to help homeowners so these foreclosures can stop. Reverse mortgage and modification are a couple solutions to the problem. Modification would involve re-instating the loan before the refinance or cost of mortgage rose before the Option A.R.M. kicked in.
There are unscrupulous people out there that are charging for this service. One such company approached me to refinance my property with an Option A.R.M. with a proposition to modify my loan at a cost of $3,500. The name of the company is 1st Financial Lending Group. I spoke with Mr. Jim Powell and Mr. Tom Pfirrman (supervisor). Both of these gentlemen said they could modify my home loan to the price it was before I refinanced for a cost of $3,500.
I attended a workshop for homeowners presented by HUD, during this workshop the presenter, Mr. Justin Jackson stipulated this was a free service. Mr. Jackson is a homewonership counselor for South Bay Neighbor Work Home Ownership Center - (310) 514-9444. Website : . I telephoned the center and told them about the conversation between 1st Financial Lending Group's representatives and myself. A Mr. George at the center informed me that loan modification is free fo charge. The next day a Mr. Wayne Madera called me from the center to inform me that anyone asking for any money to modify a loan is truly bogus. The United States government HUD, Housing Urban Development is behind this program to make sure homeowners in trouble of
foreclosure get help free of charge.
After the Civil War, the war between the states and during the Reconstruction of the Southern states, opportunists known as the Carpet Baggers and Skaliwags flooded the South to take advantage of a very bad situation, however there is free help to anyone facing foreclosure. Please contact: Consumer Credit Counseling Service
800-254-2227 or 404-527-7630 or www. if you are unable to make mortgage payments or if you are experiencing other financial challenges please call toll free (866) 616-3716. At a time like this we should all pull together to help each other. Yes, we are our brother's keeper. God forbid that anyone of us take advantage of these people that are going through foreclosure horrors. The Los Angeles Neighborhood Housing Services - LANHS - have been in business 25 years building neighborhoods one family at a time. If you are in the LA area please call
(888) 895-2647 Center for Foreclosure Solutions. Keep the faith and may our Lord God Bless us one and all...
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