Saturday, September 20, 2008

Illegal Immigrants

Dear fellow bloggers, thank you for your patience awaiting a new article. My Goal is to have at least 4 articles a week and I have fallen sorely behind. My apologies to one and all. Illegal immigrants is my topic today. Listed are my reasons I believe immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States as legal immigrants until citizenship can be granted.

1. Once an immigrant is registered with N.I.S. (National Immigration Service) the government knows where this person is in our country and they can monitor their movements like they monitor the movements of all citizens.

2. Immigrants usually keep gainful employment but are paid under-the-table and no taxes are collected. Whereas, if they were allowed to work legally their income would be taxed and that revenue added to our state and federal budgets. At a time like this when our government is bailing out financial institutions that is going to cost every taxpayer billions of dollars; we need all the revenue we can get.

3. Immigrants spend money on everything from cars to toothpaste and this helps sustain our economy.

President Bush sent out stimulus checks to taxpayers to boost the economy. Immigrants spend lots of money that boosts our economy. Given the chance they would even buy houses and right now we have a housing surplus. There are so many more reasons to legalize illegal immigrants.

Please send in your comments. These comments will be forwarded to the powers that be and since this is an election year hopefully we can get some positive action taken.

Thank you so much and please send in those comments. God Bless!

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