Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let's Give a Hand-Up instead of a Hand-Out

More and more everywhere I see my fellow Americans asking for a hand-out "Hey Miss do you have some change?" For a long time I felt, but by the Grace of God this could be me and I would give to whomever was asking for this hand-out. Then I began to be really annoyed by this because it was happening a lot. Someone even approached my son, while he was working his way through college for a hand-out and when he tried to give this person a hamburger he just bought at McDonald's, he was told: "I don't want your ________ hamburger I want some change." This really annoyed me because my son was working at night as a security guard and going to school during the day this person was asking for a hand-out and being picky.
People should work for their money and not beg for it. We throw away a lot of cans and plastic containers. For every can and most plastic containers there is a CRV charge. If you take the container to a recycling center they will refund you the CRV charge you paid in the store. In California the CRV charge is by the pound rather than the item - 5 cents an item or more depending - rather than 69 cents a pound. At any rate picking up cans, bottles and plastic off the street and parks and beaches is better than asking for a hand-out. Personally when someone asks me for spare change any more I tell them I will give them a a job. I drive a car and I keep windex and towels in my car. I would pay someone when I come out of a store if they are asking for a hand-out to wash my windows on my car or give my car a once-over to get bird droppings and dust off my car. Needless to say most of these people have refused my offer of a job.
Please everyone Help our Nation to return to the God Fearing, hard working people we used to be. Giving hand-outs hurt our nation. Giving hand-ups makes our nation strong.

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Great blog! Thank you for visiting Dog Parks and leaving your kind comment! I agree with you on this post! There is a huge difference between a hand-out and a hand-up! Kudos for expressing this so clearly!

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