Thursday, October 2, 2008


Psalms 58:1-5

VERSES 1-2: Justice? You high and mighty politicians don't know the meaning of the word! Fairness? Which of you has any left? Not one! All your dealings are crooked. You give "justice" in exchange for bribes.
Verse 3: These men are born sinners lying from their earliest words!
Verses 4-5: They are poisonous snakes - cobras that close their ears to the most expert charmers. This is how a lot of us Americans are feeling now when it comes to this Bail-Out. Baa Humbug! When daddy or mommy signed on the dotted line and in return got an adjustable mortgage which in turn led to foreclosure, mommy or daddy were not the only ones evicted from the premises. There were children also in the home little boys and little girls, teenage boys and girls and also grandpa and grandma were also evicted from the home and let us not forget the family pet. The dog or the cat that had been with the family for years were also on the street. When these people were evicted from their homes they became HOMELESS! They had to move into SHELTERS or even worse - the family CAR! Others moved in with other family members in an already crowded apartment, car or trailer. Disgraceful! THIS IS TOTALLY UN-AMERICAN. THE DECENT thing to do especially when our government is shouting "Bail-Out" "Bail-Out" now would be the time to put these people back in homes and put the mortgage rate back where it was before the Option A.R.M. adjusted especially since the property value has declined. The mortgage holders couldn't make the trillions of dollars they had projected they would make once the Option A.R.M. adjusted but they could still make millions. They would be doing the DECENT thing, THE AMERICAN THING! Putting families back together again under one roof fulfilling the American Dream. So what do you say Mr. or Ms. Corporate America? Will you do the right and decent thing and put these people back in their homes? It's a win, win situation. Property taxes would be paid because there would be property owners restored to their homes. Children could go to school from their homes instead of a shelter, family car, relative's apartment or trailer. Fathers and mothers that bailed when the property was confiscated could return home to a hopefully normal life and the animal shelters won't be overcrowded because the family pet has been returned to the family. A BAIL OUT is called for. THE BAIL-OUT of each and every homeowner that was thrown out of their homes because Corporate
America got GREEDY! Enough is Enough! A Bail-Out is in order! It's who we are bailing out that's BACKWARDS!
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God Bless
Bail out the people that have lost their homes due to foreclosure by putting them back in their homes and Wall Street will not need bailing out!

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