Thursday, October 16, 2008


Most often than not it takes two paychecks to run today's family budget - Mom's and Dad's. Plus there are a lot of single moms doing the job of two people. Therefore it may not be feasible for mom to stay home, but there are moms that can financially stay home and choose to work outside the home for personal reasons. This article is addressed to any and all moms that can be a full time stay-at-home mom. Stay home. Today's children need parental supervision... around the clock. Recently I viewed a very popular television show and a mom asked the television host and guest what to do about a problem involving her 12 year old son and his 12 year old girlfriend. The problem mom was having is her son showed her a text message his 12 year old girlfriend sent to him wanting to perform oral sex on him. Mom wanted to know if she should inform the mother of the 12 year old girl that her daughter had sent this message to her son. Of course the talk show host and her guests all agreed to tell mom. MOM STAY AT HOME; your child and your children need you at home. Children need QUANTITY TIME! Children need to do chores! Children need sometimes to be told "No"! Children don't need every new toy that comes on the market! Children need to know they are loved! That does not mean bribing them to do homework! Children need consistency! Children need to be taught Respect - Respect for people, property, and to respect themselves. Children need mom to stay home! The job of the day care or babysitter is to make sure you pick-up the same happy, healthy child you left with them. Since 12 year olds are really too old for a babysitter or daycare and they get into more mischief than younger children, they really need mom to stay home. Often times 12 year olds are left home alone because mom thinks a 12 year old is old enough not to get into trouble... Wrong! Girls get pregnant at 12. Boys impregnate girls at 12. Mom please stay home. The children of today definitely need more Quantity Time than the so called Quality time. Quantity Time means more time spent with the children and they desperately need it.
Recently I saw a very popular daytime show and the guest on the show was a mother and her 10 year old son. The mother was attempting to correct their son by talking to him and her son "hauled-off" and slapped her across the face as hard as he could and yelled at her, "now how do you like that?" Mom sat there and did absolutely nothing with a shocked look on her face. He never apologized. This was on national television. Mom stay home. Every mom is not financially able to stay home and raise her children and more to the point not every mom wants to stay home and raise her children. Children need structure, discipline and nurturing. They need moms to stay home and raise them properly. Children of today become the adults of tomorrow - The President, our doctor, our lawyer, our nurse, our accountant and our employer. Think about...Please comment and I will print all comments... Thank you and have a good evening.