Sunday, October 5, 2008


Forgiveness is good for the soul, heart, mind and spirit.
It is good for your health. A lot of health issues humans experience often-times can be traced back to when someone does you wrong; don't get even, get over it!
Don't allow your joy to be lost over an act of unforgiveness. When someone steals your man, get over it. Believe me you are better off without him. When someone slanders your name, get over it. Anyone who knows you won't believe the slanderous remarks anyway. When that promotion you were counting on is given to someone else - Get Over It! Start your own business - be your own boss. Unforgiveness puts wrinkles on your face, ulcers in your stomach and grey in your hair. Holding all that unforgiveness poison in our beautiful bodies just isn't worth the consequences being unforgiving brings. So...Snap out of it, Get Over It!
Forgive you'll be so happy you did... God Bless.

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