Saturday, August 2, 2008

Medical Trials

Several years ago in my speech class I was part of a debate team. We were told to debate a controversial topic. Our team chose experimental drug testing on animals. We opposed it. One of the objectives in the debate was alternative solutions. The most reasonable solution seemed to be to use people in these experiments instead of animals. About a year later a friend asked me if I would be interested in making $1000 testing a drug for allergies. She told me I would get a free physical and that the drug testing procedure only lasted for about an hour. During that hour, I would have my blood taken, blood pressure and temperature taken. The entire test would take eight weeks. During that eight week period I would be required to spend one twelve hour period at the clinic, which would include free breakfast, lunch and dinner. The drug being tested was Claritin. The whole experience was an eye opener. I used the $1000 to send for my daughter-in-law, my son and grandson to come and visit from Texas. Seven months ago another friend told me about a study being conducted to test a bone density drug on post menopausal women. I signed up. This study paid $2500. The first part of a study is called the screening. All vital medical information on the patient is collected. During my screening the nurse took my blood pressure and found it to be high. Very high. I was turned down for the study but the good news is I found out I had high blood pressure and I would not have known this. High blood pressure or hypertension is known as the silent killer. I came home and cut up some raw garlic and put it in a water bottle and every time I got thirsty I drank this garlic water. I also went to the 99 cents only (full fledged grocery store with meats & produce) store and I ate 2 apples a day and in less than two weeks my blood pressure had come from 173/85 to 100/69. Thanks to the medical trial screening I found out about the hypertension. There were no symptoms that anything out of the ordinary was wrong with me. July 21, 2008 I began a new study. This study is testing a pain medication. In order to be a candidate for this study, a person had to have a bunion removed. Well, I have a bunion on each foot - large bunions. I passed the screening and I had surgery to remove the bunion on my left foot. All went well. The only thing was I never had any pain after the surgery to test the pain medication. The surgery was on a Monday afternoon. On Tuesday afternoon, I was released from the hospital on a scale from zero to 10 the nurse wanted to know my pain level. My pain level was zero. This medical trial paid $1200. Since the study group was not able to try out the pain medication on me I was disqualified to continue. I still get paid for the screening and the operation which totals about $500 and the big plus is the bunion is gone and I qualify to have the other one removed. Medical trial studies may not be for everyone. They do however do a lot of good and they save animals from being tested. This should make all you animal activist real happy.
In these times when lay-offs are frequent in all job markets and free health physicals are unheard of medical trial testing may be an answer to some of our money woes and what physically ails us. Something to think about until next time...
God Bless.

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