Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hysterectomy or Colonic?

Several years ago I developed a craving for ice cream. The dollar store sold 1/2 gallons of Haagen Daas for this outrageously low price of one dollar and I ate a lot of ice cream. About a month into this binge I started to involuntarily leak urine. Becoming quite alarmed I called my son's mother-in-law (my play sister) and asked her the name of the herbologist she'd introduced me to on my visit to Texas to visit my son. First she told me that I wasn't getting any younger and that my problem was probably caused by just getting older. I was fifty-eight. At any rate she told me the lady's name (Ms. Loretta) and she gave me her phone number. After calling and explaining my symptoms to Ms. Loretta she informs me that my colon is full and it is pressing down on my bladder causing me to leak involuntarily. I asked her what I should do. She told me to look in the yellow pages under "health foods" and to find an RN that gave colonic treatment. I did not have a clue as to what she was talking about but I did what she told me to do. When I called the RN she told me that all that ice cream I had been craving and ate was in my colon. She told me that pasteurized milk products have no enzymes and the body does not pass them like food with enzymes so they stay with you. She told me that people with pregnant-looking stomachs are more often than not retaining food stuffs they couldn't pass because of a lack of enzymes in the food.
My colonics treatment turned out to be an enema. Not the kind we give our children at home. The treatment requires a profesional. 5 of these treatments stopped the leakage because my colon was no longer impacted with all this garbage. These treatments cost me $50 each. When I called my HMO and asked them to refer me to a colonics medical specialist they informed me that I would have to be referred to the surgical department. My niece came to visit me not knowing I'd undergone colonics and she informed me she just recently undergone surgery. She described her symptoms. They were indentical to my own when I was experiencing the bladder leakage. She told me she had just had a hysterectomy. My, My. Hysterectomy or Colonic, you be the judge! Until next time... God Bless.

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