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Every little girl dreams of getting married to Prince Charming (thanks to Snow White) and living happily ever after. Well, my granddaughter Victoria Grace was one of those little girls who had that dream and her dream has come true. Please read "The Proposal" and afterwards please tell me what you think. This is true romance at its Zenith. Enjoy!

Will you marry me?

Wesley asked Victoria to be his bride December 11th, 2006.
The Proposal as it Happened Viewthevideo of the proposal along with additional footage of that memorable night.
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His Take

I always wanted to do something big when I proposed to that special girl. I went through tons of ideas, but with a tight budget, it made it pretty difficult. However at the same time, it is a one time thing, so I had to do it right. Once I decided on what I was going to do, I shared my idea with my mom and friends. They liked the idea, so I went to work in planning the special night. I started by posting ads on Craigslist for a singer or musicians. I wanted to find someone to sing our special song, "Kissing You" from Romeo and Juliet the movie. Secretly arranging the entire night was somewhat difficult, I eventually found a place to rent a piano and deliver it. This was key to making everything work out. I purchased a ring and had everything scheduled and ready to go.
I told Victoria I had a surprise for her birthday, but made it sound very simple so she wouldn't think anything so she went out to her Moms for the day and ran some other errands. They delivered the piano earlier in the day, it was beautiful. I called my Mom and planned for her to come into the house later to let the singer in. I setup the camera, candles, place settings, lights, e.t.c.
As soon as Victoria came home, I met her outside so she couldn't see what was going on. We went out for the night to watch a movies and I was in contact with the singer at the movies on my "bathroom" breaks to ensure everything was going as planned. We then picked up dinner from Olive Garden to take home. We drove home and I we went to the door, I rang the door bell to signal the singer/piano player to start the song.
She was surprised and I don't think she knew exactly what was going on, but we danced and I waited for the piano interlude to finally propose. I was excited and was so happy everything worked out. We ate dinner and our singer played additional songs for us as we ate and then we relaxed on a couch as we listened to the rest of the music.

Her Take

I knew he was planning something, but thought it was for my birthday. When we walked in, I couldn't believe my eyes... I was like "What is going on?" I thought it was the most wonderful thing. Then we danced and I was still trying to figure out, why all this for my birthday, then he got on his knee and proposed and finally it all made sense. I was so happy and excited. We ate dinner and just didn't know what to do, everything was so beautiful and my ring was so perfect, I couldn't stop looking at it and smiling. That's how I remember it and till this day it makes me smile.

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