Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life after Death

Hello Everyone !
It is a fabulous day here in beautiful downtown Long Beach. Today I am going to talk about life after death. My husband, Clyde George died January 15, 2005. He came home from work at 6 a.m. and I greeted him at the door and he complained about pain he was having in his right arm. We both assumed it was aching probably caused by a cold that had settled in due to the bad weather we had been having. Before he had laid down to sleep he asked God to please get rid of the pain. I lay down beside him and he asked me to move over a bit because as usual I was right next to him and he was near the edge of the bed. I moved over and went back to sleep. One hour later my husband started to breathe really funny which woke me up. I asked him what was the matter and he fell out of the bed. My husband had fallen out of bed before because I was usually right next to him and he would just get up an get back in bed. This time he just lay there on the floor and I couldn't move him. He was wedged between the bed and the dresser and I couldn't get him up. I was so scared. I forgot my bed was on rollers and I could move it and possibly get him up (duh!). I crawled across the bed and call 911. The paramedics came right away. They asked me to leave the room so they could work on my husband and I did. One of the paramedics came out to talk to me to ask me questions. He asked me if he was my husband and if he had been having any medical problems. He asked me my husband's name and I told him "Clyde". He said he was sorry but Clyde was gone. I told him if he would do his job he could bring my husband back. I didn't think they had tried all they could - I thought they were just being lazy. He said they had done all they could and it was too late he was gone. He was very sympathetic. He told me he had to call the police to make sure there was no foul play. The police came and the paramedics sent for the coroner. The policeman asked me if Clyde George was really my husband (my husband is white and I'm black) and I said "yes" and that we had been married for 30 years and we have one son who lived in Texas. The policeman asked me what happened and I told him my husband worked nights and he just came home and he laid down to bed with me. This was 6:30 a.m. and at 9:30 a.m. he started to breathe really odd and fell out of the bed. The police left after taking my statement and so did the paramedics. I was left alone with my husband who was still on the floor. The paramedics had rolled my bed out of the way - Duh! I put a pillow underneath Daddy's head (I called my husband "Daddy" or "Angel") and I put a blanket over him because his body was so cold and I laid down beside him to give him some warmth and to talk to him. I hugged him; I kissed him; I told him he would always be alive to me. I kissed him and told him I had to get dressed because there was going to be a lot of people coming in and out and I was still in my gown and robe. The whole time I was getting dressed I talked to him and I never shed a tear because I knew in my heart from what I read in the Bible that I would get my husband back real soon. My husband bought me a Mayan calendar medallion and the calendar ends at 2012. We used to discuss our Jesus coming back at that time and that we would both be here to see his return. So I knew and I know that I will see my husband and my son, John Anthony who died in 1995 at the age of 35 with AIDS, soon. We will live on this earth for 1000 years in peace and harmony. My lord Jesus died on that cross to make this happen. That's why we celebrate the resurrection and call it Easter.
I know there is life after death.

Today July 15, 2008 my granddaughter, Victoria Grace Jackson and my grandson, Charles Tino Harris Jackson III lost their father Charles Jackson - he was 43 years old. He was the victim of an act of violence. Victoria Grace and Prince Charles you will see your dad again. You will see your dad again very soon and you will be able to live here on this earth with him in peace , joy, love and happiness for 1000 years. That is God's promise. I love you guys - Grandma.

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