Friday, August 8, 2008


Mrs. Wuthrich's Words of Wisdom would not be in business if it were not for a wonderful, respectful, honest and humble individual Ralph Bellamy,Jr. Ralph is my "blog" business partner. Ralph does all the work! I may write the words of wisdom column but Ralph puts the written word onto the computer and then the internet. Two months ago I asked Ralph if he knew what a blog was and he got excited and he asked me what I knew about it. I told him Nightline had done a segment on their show about blogging and they had interviewed a couple who were doing quite well financially blogging, so much so, the husband had quit his day job to help his wife with her blog and that's all I knew about blogs and blogging. That's when Ralph came up with this brain storm of Mrs. Wuthrich's Words of Wisdom. Ralph set everything all up. He got us a free blog; he got affiliates-companies to advertise on our blog. Ralph does all the typing that goes into the column. He works all hours advertising our affiliates. It is because of Ralph that our blog has made a little money; without him there would be no blog. Ralph comes from a wonderful family that lives in Wisconsin. He has a brother who is a rapper and a beautiful sister. His parents have been married for forty-seven years to each other. Ralph speaks, reads & writes German a great deal. He also speaks a little French and Spanish. Ralph loves reading, travel and the opera. Ralph is a great teacher. I have learned more about computers and the internet in two months that would have taken me five semesters at Jr. College. Ralph has shown me a whole other side to the internet. A good side.
To have Ralph for a friend is to have a friend for life. Ralph is the most respectful person on the planet. He is a real dinosaur. He opens doors for ladies and he never talks over anyone. He will wait until a person finishes speaking to make his comment. He is a real gentleman.
Ralph's ultimate goal is to become a movie producer. Ralph is a true workaholic. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Bellamy for having such a fine specimen of a human being.. My friend Ralph.

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