Saturday, June 21, 2008

Roaches in the home

Most people in America are poor and this limits our options when it comes to housing. Often times the only available housing that is affordable is also roach infested. Believe it or not but roaches can't live in a clean environment. Roaches thrive on Filfth. The smellier the home with used pampers in the trash, dirty dishes in the sink and elsewhere in the home, dirty household pets, cat litter boxes that haven't been dumped, soda, beer and other containers saved for recycling but not rinsed out, damp area underneath the sink and inside cubboards, food and drink that has spilled inside cupboards on the floor that was not cleaned up. All of these create a breeding ground for roaches and other bugs. Roaches Love Filth.
Clean up your home and Roaches will be gone.

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