Saturday, June 21, 2008

For the Ladies

There is a difference between a male and a gentleman. Honest folks a male is out for what he can get. A gentleman wants to give. For instance a male wants to be picked up for an evening out and the lady is supposed to pay. A gentleman does the picking up and he pays for the evening out. Males expect to be intimate on the first date as if it were his due. A gentleman treats women as ladies and ladies don't put out! The reason most men would- be gentlemam are so reluctant to walk down that aisle is because they want to Marry a Lady! Men would-be gentlemen want to wed a lady not a female. They want the mother of their children to be someone special. After the initial attraction wears off and the female has allowed unlimited intimacy then it is time for the male would - be gentleman - to move on to greener pastures. Male would - be gentlemen enjoy the Chase once the Chase is over the excitement is gone.

Rule #1. Do not buy a man or put a man on your cell phone plan. Don't do it! He will use the phone you gave him to call other women.

Rule #2. Do not let him move in with you!! Bad, Bad Idea!

Rule #3. Do not lend him any money!!! Do Not Ladies!!!

Rule #4. Do not loan him your car especially if he is not on your insurance plan. An accident will cost you a bundle!

Rule #5. Talk to him about what is important to you. Find out what is important to him.

Find out if you are compatible. If you want children and he hates kids you are not compatible! You are waisting your time and his. The real cute ones are not always the best one for a serious relationship. I would love to hear from you. Please send in your comments and questions.

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