Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A New Beginning

My son Joseph is 46 years old and for the last 32 years his behavior towards me has been abusive. He is now in a rehabilitation program and he wants to change his life especially his treatment of me his mother. He wrote me a letter pledging to do just that. Here is Joseph's letter to me. I pray this will help others who are going through difficulties with their children.

SUNDAY 1:50 p.m. February 1, 2009 I Joseph A. Harris Jr. am pledging to my mom to no longer be a loser. To no longer act like my father Joseph A. Harris Sr. The person that abused her, who I follow after. I pledge to my mom, Tomacina Wuthrich that I will behave and follow in the footsteps of my stepdad, Clyde George Wuthrich, whom I love with all my heart. I truly love my mom, and I pledge to her that I will behave like I should. Thank You JOSEPH ANDREW HARRIS JR.

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