Sunday, November 2, 2008


Tuesday November 5, 2008 is Election Day!
The good citizens of America, good ole U.S. of A, will be electing a President that will serve 4 years in our nation's capital, Washington D.C. We will also be voting on propositions and other candidates running for public office. It is very important that we vote. There are some pressing issues facing us Americans at this time and we need qualified people in office. If we do not vote we are subject to get in office those people that are not qualified and people in public office that are not qualified to do the job will get us in serious trouble. A war is serious trouble. Financial Depression is serious trouble. At the present time we are in two wars and we are in a recession so serious it borders on a Depression. We need everyone to cast a vote not only in this election, we need everyone to cast a vote in every election. Schools are being closed and teachers, teachers of all people, are being given pink slips. A pink slip means you are FIRED! Imagine teachers are being fired because we have no money to pay them to teach our children. Who then is going to teach the children? Someone in office is not qualified for the job they were elected to and this is what happens. We need everyone to vote. Read the candidates qualifications and what issues he or she plans to tackle and solve. Be an informed voter! We do not want to be in one war, not to mention two. We do not want our teachers fired and our schools closed (What happened to the Lotto Money that was supposed to aid schools?)
We do not want our jobs sent overseas. We do not want to experience a recession bordering on a depression. We do not want our homes foreclosed on because bankers got greedy. We do not want perpetual crime in our streets. We do not want citizens over 65 having to return to the work force because their savings got caught up in the so-called financial meltdown. We want financial stability in our government and in our homes. We want every homeless person that wants a home to have a home. We want our merchandise manufactured here in the good ole U.S. of A so there will be an abundance of jobs. We want qualified, dedicated, honest and moral people as elected officials. We can have these things if, and only if, we vote and vote for the person that will do the job to the best of their ability and they are qualified to do the job and do the job right! It is ok for a person in public office to have advisers as long as the advisers do not have the last say, that is the sole responsibility of the elected official. The buck stops with him or her. Please vote. Those of you that have already voted, "Thank you very much", and those that are still uncertain you have three days to review all the information that is available to registered voters. May our Lord Bless you all and may he also Bless America.

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