Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hello Everyone: Rihanna and Chris Brown's dysfunctional relationship provoked me to share my views. Violence from anybody is bad news! I believe people insist on ignoring the warning signs of abuse. There is usually warning before destruction. It usually starts with verbal abuse. When name calling is not nipped in the bud it usually escalates into physical abuse. People are stating this is not the first time Rihanna has been in a physical altercation with Chris. There are also allegations that Rihanna hit Chris first. Fact: Rihanna has bruises Chris doesn't. I feel it should be court ordered that Rihanna undergo psychiatric counseling so that hopefully she won't get involved in anymore abusive relationships. The latest is that Rihanna has reconciled with her abuser. A lack of self worth and no family support are obviously missing in Rihanna's life. Furthermore, I feel she needs to spend some time alone to heal mentally and physically to restore self love. Self preservation is number one! Rihanna is 21 but 10 years from now she will be 31. She would be wise to break this cycle now so that these types of relationships do not evolve into later years of more of the same domestic violence. Lastly, Get to know the person by asking personal questions. Find out if you have common interests. Most importantly, show maturity by being honest and telling the person you are interested in what you expect in your relationship so that there is no confusion. Always have respect for yourself! Self Love should always be priority "A", so let's all remember that any time we find ourselves in a combative environment. Thanks for listening! Jennifer

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